You Need To Cover The Trade Show On Multiple Social Media Channels!!

It is very important to integrate social media into your marketing plan at the trade show to fully enhance your company’s presence and increase your ROI at the trade show in Las Vegas.

Here are some tips on using social media to connect with your leads, customers and trade show guests before, after, and during your time exhibiting for prime results.


Companies are no longer viewing social media as a single use marketing strategy surrounding their trade shows experience. Smart marketers comprehend the full impact and meaning of using a multi layered program to engage and interact with customers and guests before, during and after a trade show.

The Social Media Dude understand this very well and understands the main part is having feet on the ground at the trade show can be tough when you have to be at your booth you paid lots of money for.

7 Main Reason To Hire The Social Media Dude For Your Trade Show:

  • Cost effective: I live here in Las Vegas so you do not need to fly someone out and spend more money on airfare, hotels, food, overtime, and etc. You do not have to pay any of that for my services.
  • You can expense me as a 1099 (write me off which is something a true w2 employee can not be)
  • There is no way you can cover all 11 popular social media channels on your own or with your coworkers who are at the trade show with you. You need to be at your booth rather than walking around the entire trade show floor.
  • Social media at trade show is not just about your brand but about the trade show itself (read my services and tips pages for strategic ideas)
  • One less thing for you to worry and stress about
  • Creative and fresh ideas
  • DIY Fast Paced Social Media Style

The Social Media Dude is here to create awareness of your presence at the trade show and excite people with what you will be exhibiting as well as showcase the rest of the world who could not make it to the trade show what your brand is showcasing today.

My goal is to get all of the trade show to include a stop at your booth as well as bring you more social media followers and feed you current social media following content.