Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions people ask me and yes don’t believe what your mother told that there are no stupid questions…trust me there are stupid questions!!!

What is the Social Media Dude’s real name?

Mike Ahuja

Where does the Social Media Dude Reside?

I am based out of Las Vegas but can often be found in my hometown of Los Angeles.

Can you issue me a 1099?

Yes of course you can but the little amount of money you will be paying me is low enough where legally you do not need to issue me one. But we all have to pay taxes.

Do you need to provide me with a deposit?

Yes and that amount varies based upon the service you retain me for. Part of the deposit goes to hold the day and time as I will locked that in and not work with any other company at that trade during that day and time. This enables you a competitive advantage at the show.

Is the deposit refundable?


Do I outsource my work?

Nope what you get is me in the flesh

How often do I communicate with my clients?

Every time you communicate to me I communicate back

What other services do I provide besides Trade Show social media?

SEO, all other social media services, web design, strategic relationship marketing, legal assistance, graphic design, offline marketing concepts and more

How long are my contracts?

No contracts. If you need me for 3 hours than that’s the length of the the deal. The contract is whatever you want it to be.

What will I be posting?

That is to be discussed prior but will be lots of live channels.

Will I need to logins to social media accounts?

Yes, at least 12 hours prior so that I can be prepared and organized for the event as you will be at your trade show booth and will be too busy to worry about my logging into snapchat.

Do I send reports?

No. The reports can be issued by your day to day website employee or by your marketing and sales department.