Social Media Dude Prices

The pricing for my services are pretty simple to comprehend as only a couple of options to select from. Payments can be made via check, paypal, google wallet, credit card, Wells Fargo, BofA, and I think Facebook payments are fine too. Deposit is required to hold day and time.

Pre Trade Show (only one choice)

$75 for creative strategic plan

To be developed at least 72 hours prior show but I prefer to provide 2 weeks ahead of the show so that we can be on the same page and better organized for game day.

(includes two 20 minute phone calls one to discuss rough plan ideas and another to discuss changes and alterations to plan) + meet and greet day before show at your hotel or the palazzo or venetian so we can feel like we are in italy

During Trade Show (pick 1)

Option A:

$250 – Full Day

Focus on 2 live channels + 4 social channels

(My day starts hour after show starts and is finished an hour before show ends.)

Option B:

$125 – 90 minutes

Focus on 1 live channel + 2 other social channels

(Will start only after 1st hour of trade show starts and latest I can start would be 2 hours before trade show ends)