Social Media Dude Services

I Socialize Online All Over The Convention Floor For Your Brand For Your Followers & Fans

The core concept of my services is the combination of social media marketing during trade shows. I am based in Las Vegas which is the trade show capital for the world. I understand how expensive it can be for companies to exhibit at trade shows plus all the travel expenses that come along as well.

Myself, the Social Media Dude, is here to provide a unique service unlike all the other social media, seo, web, and marketing companies provide. My service is to provide you another person on the ground during the trade show and only the trade show.

Why? Well because you will be spending your time at your trade show booth / exhibit as you should because you spent so much money but you need someone representing your company on social media during the show and not just at the booth but all over of the convention center floor to capture the trade show for your followers. Plus you need help to cover ground for you on all the social media platforms not just twitter.

TOO MANY PLATFORMS TO COVER (and you still need to talk to attendees at your booth)

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Live
  • Facebook Stories
  • Instagram
  • Instagram Live
  • Instagram Stories
  • Twitter
  • Twitter Live
  • SnapChat
  • Youtube Live
  • Youtube

When You Have To Be At Your Booth — The Social Media Dude Can Be Your Eyes & Ears Around The Show!!!!

Best Thing Is You Can 1099 Me & Expense My Services

Incorporating social media into your trade show marketing plan is the best way to enhance your company’s presence and gain followers. The Social Media Dude has a history and long resume of web design, seo, sem, social media and branding but combining social media with trade shows is something that seems to be missing in the world. By missing I mean just hiring someone for a few hours for the trade show to cover multiple social media platforms.