6 Tips for Planning Your 2019 Social Media Strategy

With 2018 coming to a close, many brands are planning budgets and strategies for 2019. The fun part about social media marketing is that things are always changing, and there’s always something new to test.

However, when thinking about all the possibilities available, social media marketers need to also be realistic. While planning for 2019, ask yourself, “Where do I want my brand to go?” But don’t forget to follow up with, “How will I get there?”

To help you “get there” in the coming year, the social media marketing team at THAT Agency has put together the following tips for planning your 2019 social media strategy.

1. Audit Your Social Media Content Strategy

First and foremost, you should audit your social media content strategy. This requires going through the content you published throughout the year and figuring out what resonated most with your audience – and what didn’t.

You’ll likely collect a lot of data, so you’ll want to have an assessment process in place. Start by categorizing your content into buckets, then measure the performance of each ‘bucket’ against one another.

A platform like Sprout Social will help a lot with this – Sprout has a really nice tagging feature which enables you to categorically organize content to measure results from a top-level perspective. You can also export post- and tweet-level data from the individual social platforms and measure accordingly.

Bear in mind the goals of your content strategy audit are to:

  • Double down on the content that’s generating the most impressions and engagement
  • Refine the content that isn’t hitting the mark

Often the perception of what kind of content “works” is different than the reality – sometimes one might think that a highly stylized custom graphic will work the best, when the data shows that an image featuring people in a contextually relevant situation performs better.

Keep an open mind, and trust what the data reveals about your strategy.

2. Audit Your Social Advertising Strategy

Next, you need to turn your attention to your social advertising strategy and conduct an audit there as well.

Begin by analyzing all your paid efforts from the perspective of results, considering cost per result, cost per impression, and number of conversions. Use a few different key performance indicators (KPIs) to establish a more accurate idea of the impact of your ads and campaigns.

If your company operates with a monthly campaign structure, you’ll want to measure the results of the campaigns against one another and the performance of each ad set, and ads within each campaign. This particular audit can become very data heavy, but it’ll enable you to understand which targeting types are working the best, as well as grasp the true performance of the ad creative.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the paid advertising side of social media is that you’ll need to decide exactly what success looks like to you.